4 Seater Family Dune Buggy Ride

  • 30 Minutes - 6 Hours
  • Dubai, Safari
  • Safari, Adventure, Nature

About The Pacakage

The recently launched Polaris X Turbo, a 4 seater buggy ride Dubai, that in no time has become renowned in the world of buggying. Along with its exceptional handling capabilities and adjustable rebound settings, this powerful machine is equipped with the top-of-the-line Rotax ACE three-cylinder engine, guaranteeing you effortless domination over any terrain you encounter. This experience will put you beyond your expectations as you will be riding on our 2000cc engine. Made to sore around the golden dunes of Desert Safari. Our mechanical machine can crawl and climb over the golden Safari desert as this buggy ride Dubai is designed to get rough on the sand. At Dune Buggy Dubai we believe that families that travel together stays together!

Trip Inclusions

  • Transfers

    Shared or private

Trips Information

Perfect experience for families and friends’ group. Brace yourself as you delve into mesmerizing Dubai desert, riding through vast stretches of golden sands and witnessing breathtaking scenery at every turn. Professional guidance from experienced instructors ensures your safety while providing tips on handling the four seater buggy ride Dubai. This buggy ride Dubai is perfect for family bonding, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy the luxurious comfort of the spacious seating and the breathtaking ride of the Polaris X Turbo, designed to enhance your journey. Have remarkable photo opportunities and make memories with your loved ones. This adventure designed by Dune Buggy Dubai promises an adventurous experience where excitement and quality can be enjoyed with your loved ones converge in perfect harmony.

Above 10 years old

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