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We proudly introduce ESA Tours quad bike dubai as we have fully customized exciting packages for quad biking in dubai. Here we offer a wide range of quad biking dubai tours including Yamaha Quad Bikes, kymco quad bikes and specially designed kids quad bikes all at affordable rates. Our thrilling quad-bike tours in Dubai are the perfect way to begin your amazing journey through the dunes of the Dubai desert regardless of your level of experience to off-roading adventure. our quad biking excursions are committed to providing everyone with the thrills and excitement they are looking for in our tours.

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Tours in Dubai Desert

Are you looking for an extreme desert safari with dubai quad bike adventures? Our Complimentary tours entertain you with affordable desert safari packages along with quad bikes you can enjoy the quad bike desert safari tours all in one customized package without going anywhere else. Our company in Dubai promises to provide the best ATV quad bike for memorable desert tours.

With our powerful quad bikes, you can explore the beauty of the Dubai desert to amaze yourself. Don’t wait for more and Join our quad bike desert safari packages today and shake your inner thrill seeker with our quad biking in Dubai. Let's set on an enduring journey through the dunes together!

Things to know before booking your quad biking adventure

Pricing Details:

At ESA Tours we have the most budget-friendly quad bike packages starting at 300 AED and going up to 1500 AED depending on the type of safari package selected. it is encouraged that participants review the specifics of the tour package they have selected.

Age Requirements:

To enjoy Quad Bike Desert Safari Dubai you must be a Minimum of 16 years old.

Reservation Process:

For booking and reservations please contact us online or have the option to book your ride onsite.

What to bring with You:

Please remember to pack for your quad bike trip over the UAE dunes. You'll need a water bottle for hydration, snacks, sunscreen, closed-toe shoes, sunglasses, cash or a credit card, identification, and personal medications.

Sutiable For:

Before scheduling your quad bike experience, keep in mind that it is perfect for thrill-seekers and adventurers above the age of 16, but it is not recommended for pregnant women because of possible risks, and it is not suitable for people with disabilities or uncomfortable with off-road terrain.

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Frequently Asked Questions
You should wear Close-fitting long trousers and a full-sleeved shirt to reduce cuts and grazes. Followed by gloves, helmet goggles, riding boots and other protective equipment during Quad Biking in Dubai.
We can book your adventure for you. All you need to do is provide the related information and let us handle the rest for you.
Quad biking is entertaining and thrilling but can be dangerous if not equipped with proper safety measures.
Skills are required to master a quad bike but it is easy to ride as it doesn't need balancing like bikes.
We can book your adventure for you. All you need to do is provide the related information and let us handle the rest for you.
A normal ride of 15 min costs you 300 AED on average, however, a premium ride of 30 minutes costs you around 600 which includes additional activities as well. Prices may vary depending on the occasion and the vendor you choose.
You can ride a quad bike in the deserts of Dubai in the morning or evening. Afternoon time isn't preferable due to the dazzling heat of the desert./div>

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