About Us

Dune Buggy Dubai is a company specialized in tour programmes at deserts and creating unique buggy tours for adventurous people around the globe. We at Dune Buggy Dubai provide adventure at the golden desert of Dubai and are pleased to offer affordable tourism packages. Dune buggy is manufactured by our professional experts in Dubai and it has highest rank in security and mechanical engine. Top professional tour guides have been hired by us; we also provide special trainings to our staff in order to build a fantastic tour.


As a company providing adventurous tour around our main priority is to serve people who love to have adventure along the red dunes desert. We concern ourself to give you a challenge of riding 4×4 mechanical buggy just to provide an ultimate thrill. Words can describe how our fun and packages are created it is not about cheap tours but about capturing memories and leaving the dunes prints as a mark of fun.


We thrive over the experience and thrill and are pleased to look forward toward the tourism as our main concern. We are thrilled to endeavor some marvelous adventures around Dubai on our POLARIS RZR 1000CC BUGGY. And since many times we have been gaining importance around the market gaining excellence of conveying a fantastic experience of Dune buggy rental packages.